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Hey there fashionistas…

Today’s post is really small….

The Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2013 Ad campaigns are out…and it’s amazing…The ad captures the essence of the bee inspired collection perfectly…



Honey can be so chic …I’m in love with the Intricate bee neckpiece too…

Tell me what you think…

Till then stay chic..


Contrast Wonder

Contrast Wonder

River Island party dress
$65 –

Marc by Marc Jacobs marc jacob
$405 –

Edie parker

Lulu Guinness black clutch

Leather handbag

D.I.Y- Primrose Headgear

Hey Fashionistas,

I know it’s been ages since my last post….apologies….

So today we’re gonna be D.I.Y-ing ….Exciting right..!!…..It’s something really simple , not anything fancy of complicated….and yes of course not time consuming..

So yes there had been a vase of flowers gracing the lobby at home for about four days, yes they were withered and almost dying after those few days….Take  a look…


So ya…most of them were in a throw -away condition.. I love the scarlet-red primroses….their texture, deep colour and look is something really inspiring, n I guess they weren’t in that bad a condition.

So yes you guessed it right I ‘m going to be using the primroses for this D.I.Y project..

2 flowers

Pluck them …or cut the stem according to the length you need…in my case I cit the stem ..not the thalamus.

3 flowers

9After that..I tried using a wire to go through the primroses like a garland and bunch them together, but it didn’t work…as the flowers kind of lost their shape and it would tear apart easily…

so I used a needle and thread instead…sew


So this is how I sewed them together…you don’t have to be perfect at it…It’s really not going to last …so a quick and neat attachment will do… can be as creative as you want…I only took fifteen minutes to do this…so it’s really not that elaborate.

You can stick it on a hair clip or a hair band ( not bobby pins) using elastic bands or an elastic thread or a wire. I used a really thin black wire hair band and fastened the flowers using  thin black elastic bands…tape is too tacky so I’d suggest you don’t use that.

My primrose headgear immediately reminded me of the Alexander McQueen F/W 2012-13 RTW collection….I know normally it’s the other other way round…hehe



So that’s what it looks like….I did a side pony with bangs in the front ….you could try whatever hairstyle you want…keep it simple …use the headgear as the main accessory….


Do try it n post your pictures too…I’d love to see what you come up with……Flowers don’t have to be unconventional and boring…Do tell me what you think …leave your comments below….would love to get your feedback..


Till then …Byee…..muahhhzzz…..

Dramatic Pop Makeup Trend

Dramatic Pop Makeup Trend

Yves saint laurent
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Lip makeup
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Guerlain rose blush
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NARS Cosmetics lip cosmetic
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American Apparel lip makeup

Neon makeup

H m
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